Microsoft Introduces Pro Version of its AI Assistant Copilot 

Microsoft has launched the latest version of its AI assistant which is named as Copilot Pro, a new premium subscription service making it accessible to all users and businesses of all sizes. To get access to more advanced and sophisticated uses of Copilot to users, Microsoft has launched its paid version.

Users can avail the services of Copilot Pro for $20 per month. Copilot Pro includes the latest and updated AI technologies and sophisticated image generation tools.

In this blog post, We will provide information about how Copilot Pro can perform tasks and how it assists users to be more creative and efficient.

What is Copilot Pro?

Copilot Pro is a more advanced version of its AI assistant tool Copilot. It is a paid version that provides you accelerated performance and faster high-quality AI image generation for various purposes such as coding, creating presentations, writing and many more. You can use Copilot Pro in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, OneNote if you are subscribed to Microsoft 365 and its Family.  It gives you access to the new AI models like GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo from OpenAI.

Functions of Copilot Pro

It can perform a variety of tasks such as 

Creation: It can produce high-quality AI images and texts based on prompts or queries provided by the users. For example, It can show you a birthday cake recipe with different alternatives of dairy and provide you with a complete list of ingredients and instructions.You can also create AI-based images with the help of AI model DALL-E 3. For example, you can ask copilot pro to create an image of any animal or anything, it will generate an image for you.

Edit:You can ask Copilot Pro to edit your existing written contents and images. Also it can summarize, rewrite and paraphrase your content in different manner. You can also edit your images which are generated with DALL-E 3, such as altering the shape and size of the objects.  

Understand: Copilot Pro can provide quick and easy explanations and answers to user’s queries. It can easily understand typical terms and execute complex instructions which can enhance the efficiency for users.One of the significant features of copilot pro is to comprehend and respond to difficult tasks.

Ask: You can utilize Copilot Pro to receive suggestions and creative inspirations for various projects. Whether you need assistance in crafting outlines, designing slides, or organizing content for PowerPoint presentations, Copilot Pro can prove to be a valuable resource. Additionally, You can also leverage its capabilities to generate ideas for blog posts, stories, or poems, enhancing your creative process. 

Uses of Copilot Pro

Copilot Pro is intricately designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s array of applications, such as Microsoft Teams and various other Microsoft 365 apps. This seamless integration guarantees users effortless access to the AI assistant’s functionalities directly within their everyday software. Additionally, the Copilot mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, provides convenient on-the-go accessibility. Integrated into the Microsoft 365 mobile app, it ensures a uniform experience across diverse devices.

  • Copilot Pro can help you in creating, editing and understanding your content faster and easier in comparison to copilot.
  • It can help users in different tasks such as writing a code, creating high quality images, producing useful content on any topic and many more.
  • It can also assist users in learning and growing such as  improving your grammar and enhancing your vocabulary.
  • It can summarize emails, analyze data and create formulae.


Microsoft Copilot Pro is a new premium AI assistant tool that helps you supercharge your creativity and boost productivity. With the launch of Copilot Pro and its availability for Microsoft 365, one can use the latest AI models from OpenAI  and use them in different perspectives.If anyone wants to utilize copilot pro, he can take subscription or sign up for a free trial on Microsoft store.

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