Microsoft will integrate Copilot button in windows 11 keyboard

Pic Credit – Microsoft

Microsoft has taken a significant move in the field of Artificial Intelligence for its users. Soon Microsoft will introduce a new Copilot Key for Windows 11 PCs. This innovative step taken by microsoft aims at enhancing user experience with its AI tool Copilot.

Microsoft will place a dedicated Copilot button in the windows keyboard, adjusting the PCs keyboard layout for the first time since 1994.

Position of Copilot key in windows keyboard

It will be placed right to the space bar replacing the right control key in windows keyboard.The AI-powered assistant will start working by pressing the windows copilot key.

With the advent of the copilot button in windows keyboard,windows 11 users will be able to use the generative ai tool by just a button click. 

The Copilot AI key is the most significant change to Windows keyboards since the 1994s. It is a gateway to the Copilot service, which assists people with various tasks, such as creating document summaries, suggesting music and responding to queries that you would normally pose to a search engine or an AI chatbot. With this significant step, Microsoft wants to expose its AI services to over a billion Windows 11 users.

Microsoft has not revealed whether other personal computer manufacturers are installing the Copilot button beyond its own internal devices.

But some of the companies are expected to reveal their new models at a gadget show in Las Vegas next week, according to reports.

The chip making companies like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm are all manufacturing neural processing units (NPUs), which enable faster and smarter on-device processing. This will likely lead to more improvements for Windows apps and features that can utilize this new capability. There are also speculations that a new version of Windows, dubbed “Windows 12”, could be released this year. Unlike Windows 11, which mostly added AI features on top of the existing OS, the new version could have AI features more seamlessly integrated into the user interface and applications, as well as require more advanced hardware for some features.

Microsoft will soon announce that the Copilot button will be available on more devices from late February to spring, including the new Surface models. Eventually, the Copilot button is slated to become a mandatory feature.

The new key will launch Windows Search for Windows users who either don’t use Copilot or reside in regions where the Copilot feature is not accessible. To activate Copilot, Windows users can press the Windows key + C and use the AI-enabled chatbot.

Microsoft will also introduce more AI features this year. In the announcement today, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Medhi declared 2024 as “the year of the AI PC”.

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