Microsoft will soon eliminate wordpad and people app from windows 11

Microsoft will soon drop its two core apps i.e. wordpad and people from future versions of windows operating system. The wordpad app will no longer be available in the latest build of windows 11 in canary channel.

In 2023, Microsoft had pulled off a lot windows features and one of them was wordpad app, a default rich text editor which was introduced many years ago.Many a times, Microsoft typically permits its users to retain access to continue using removed features or install them as optional components even after their removal, but this policy doesn’t extend to wordpad app.

The Microsoft company is determined to delete wordpad from upcoming versions of windows 11 and it will not provide any option to reinstall it back in your system.A clean install of windows 11 operating system will not have both wordpad and people apps as of build 26020.

Wordpad is a free word processor application which was first launched in Windows 95. Since then, it has always been installed in all operating systems of microsoft windows till windows 11.It is better than notepad but less advanced than Microsoft word.

What other options are available other than wordpad 

Luckily, there are plenty of reliable text editors available for Windows, spanning both free and premium options. While Microsoft encourages users to subscribe to Microsoft 365 for editing doc, rtf, and other text files in Word, there are alternatives such as using Office Online for free or exploring third-party software. In the case of Steps Editor, Microsoft recommends tools like Snipping Tool, Xbox Game Bar, or Microsoft Clipchamp. However, none of these can completely replicate the features provided by Steps Recorder, so it might be worthwhile to explore other solutions.

If you do like wordpad app, it is high time to switch to other apps before Microsoft completely removes it. Fortunately, Windows users can still rely on the Notepad app, which remains a stable and enduring option for basic text editing needs.You can use notepad++ app which even works better job than microsoft’s offerings

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