Google Incorporates Gemini AI Model in Google Ads Platform

Google introduces its Gemini AI model in Google Ads platform assisting advertisers in creating search ads campaigns that drive more better results with less effort. With this integration the performance of ads campaigns will be increased. According to Shashi Thakur, the General Manager and Vice President of Google Ads, the introduction of the Gemini AI … Read more

Microsoft Introduces Pro Version of its AI Assistant Copilot 

Microsoft has launched the latest version of its AI assistant which is named as Copilot Pro, a new premium subscription service making it accessible to all users and businesses of all sizes. To get access to more advanced and sophisticated uses of Copilot to users, Microsoft has launched its paid version. Users can avail the … Read more

Auto Start of Copilot AI in Windows 11 – New Feature By Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft has made a big announcement that the company will bring a change  in the Windows 11 PC keyboard i.e. it will bring a Copilot key replacing the right control key for providing convenient access of its AI powered chatbot to its users. Now the tech giant has come with another move. It is … Read more

Microsoft will integrate Copilot button in windows 11 keyboard

Microsoft has taken a significant move in the field of Artificial Intelligence for its users. Soon Microsoft will introduce a new Copilot Key for Windows 11 PCs. This innovative step taken by microsoft aims at enhancing user experience with its AI tool Copilot. Microsoft will place a dedicated Copilot button in the windows keyboard, adjusting … Read more

Microsoft will soon eliminate wordpad and people app from windows 11

Microsoft will soon drop its two core apps i.e. wordpad and people from future versions of windows operating system. The wordpad app will no longer be available in the latest build of windows 11 in canary channel. In 2023, Microsoft had pulled off a lot windows features and one of them was wordpad app, a … Read more

Google introduces ‘Tracking Protection’ feature for users

Big Tech giant company Google has started to discontinue third-party cookies for millions of Google Chrome users from January 4th. Company will soon automatically block third-party cookies stopping other websites tracking your activities To enhance user privacy, Google Chrome browser will phase out this technology with “Tracking Protection”. Google’s tracking protection feature will prevent third-party … Read more

Google will bring AI technology in Android Auto Systems

Google will soon bring an amazing feature to android auto in car’s infotainment systems.It will implement artificial intelligence technology to summarize text messages.But what will happen if you get a lot of messages while driving a car And android auto’s read aloud feature is enabled. Of course you will get irritated while driving a car. … Read more

After Android Microsoft brings Copilot app for iPhones/iPads users too

Microsoft has recently launched its Copilot app for Apple iOS and iPadOS users too, after its successful launch for Android users. Both the versions are available on apple app store.This exceptional step taken by the tech giant microsoft marks a significant stride enhancing the expansion of artificial intelligence across diverse platforms. Let us understands what … Read more

Autospill Hacking attack on android password managers

Autospill Hacking attack on android password managers  Autospill Hacking attack A recent study by IIIT hyderabad researchers at Black Hat Europe Security Conference reveals that most of the android password managers like 1Password, lastpass and Keeper are found to be vulnerable to Autospill hacking attacks. They discovered a new flaw in these password managers. Through … Read more

Google Unveils Gemini AI: A Big Breakthrough in Tech World


Google has launched its most powerful and new AI model named as Gemini. It is the most capable and advanced technology by Google yet. It is a large language model (LLM) developed by Google Brain and DeepMind company. It comes in three variants Nano, Pro and Ultra. It is the most powerful tool that not … Read more