Google Unveils Gemini AI: A Big Breakthrough in Tech World

Google has launched its most powerful and new AI model named as Gemini.

It is the most capable and advanced technology by Google yet. It is a large language model (LLM) developed by Google Brain and DeepMind company. It comes in three variants Nano, Pro and Ultra.

It is the most powerful tool that not only understands text data but also understands images, videos and audio. It is also capable of creating coding techniques in different programming languages. It is able to solve 

Google’s Gemini is available in three versions namely as Nano, Pro and Ultra.

Let us discuss them 

Gemini Nano

This AI model is designed for smartphone users and currently available in Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. 

Gemini Pro

This model is designed for completing different functions. It will support AI chatbot Bard and able to solve complex queries.

Gemini Ultra

Currently it is unavailable for public use. Google said that it is the most powerful and capable AI model and able to solve highly complex tasks.

Gemini is available in Nano, and Pro versions. It is integrated in google chatbot Bard and soon Google will implement its AI model in Chrome, Ads and other services.

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