Google will bring AI technology in Android Auto Systems

Google will soon bring an amazing feature to android auto in car’s infotainment systems.It will implement artificial intelligence technology to summarize text messages.But what will happen if you get a lot of messages while driving a car

And android auto’s read aloud feature is enabled. Of course you will get irritated while driving a car.

To avoid this problem, Google will soon integrate AI assistants into android auto systems. It will assist users in summarizing  text messages using ai technology. 

 So let’s understand the concept of android auto and how AI integration in it will 

 assist users. 

Android Auto is a smartphone app which is designed by tech giant Google. It allows users to connect their smartphone android features to a car’s infotainment system and display the information.There are different ways of connecting your smartphone to car’s infotainment systems. Firstly, you can connect your smartphone to the car’s dashboard display via bluetooth pairing and second method is connect your phone via USB cable.After connection, you can easily access some apps on the dashboard display.

Once this AI integration feature is implemented by Google in car infotainment systems users will get the following message 

“An AI assistant can summarize your chat messages. Since these summaries are generated by artificial intelligence. So it is possible that there might be some mistakes.”

You can switch off this feature any time in the android auto settings menu.

This feature was observed in the 14.52 version of android.It is currently in beta phase.When this feature will be available to users is not revealed by tech giant Google

Since there are a bunch of projects in Google’s basket such as Help Me Visualize on Slides, AI building blocks or Help Me Write on Google Docs, and the ability to create different backgrounds on Google Meet calls. Recently, the company unveiled its latest AI model, Gemini. AI features have already become integral to the Android messaging experience, evident in features like Magic Compose within Google Messages. Nevertheless, the latest integration signifies a distinctive approach, likely prompting varied reactions from users. Considering the notable steps made by the company in advancing AI capabilities throughout the year, it becomes evident that 2024 is poised to be an exceptionally dynamic period for the search giant as it continues to push boundaries in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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